Continuity of Operations

Continuity of Operations (COOP) is an effort within an organization to ensure that its essential functions continue to be performed during a wide range of emergencies until normal operations can be resumed. Continuity planning is simply the good business practice of ensuring the execution of essential functions through all circumstances, and it is a fundamental responsibility of public institutions and private entities responsible to their stakeholders. To support this important effort Hamilton County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency provides technical assistance on continuity of operations planning.

For assistance with your planning, please contact Morgan Peterson: or 513-263-8102


Continuity of Operations Resources

§  Hamilton County Continuity of Operations Overview: This document is meant to provide you with an overview of continuity of operations, describe how Hamilton County Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency can support you as you develop your COOP Plan, explain how to use the Hamilton County COOP Template and outline the sections of the plan.

§  Hamilton County COOP Template: The Hamilton County COOP Template provides you with formatting, language and a framework to create your organization’s continuity of operations plan. The template was designed to include best practices and concepts outlined in national guidance. Additionally, the template was built to streamline the planning process and highlight key components of continuity of operations that need to be addressed at the local level. While main language is present, the plan is meant to be a guide for the local planning team to use throughout the process of plan development.

§  Worksheet #1 – Identifying Your Essential Functions: This document outlines the basic steps in federal guidance for how to identify your Essential Functions. For complete guidance on identifying essential functions please see the Continuity Guidance Circular 2.

§  Worksheet #2 – Conducting a Business Process Analysis: This document outlines the basic steps in federal guidance for conducting a business process analysis. A business process analysis is a systematic method for identifying and documenting all the elements necessary to perform each essential function. Going through this process ensures the right people, equipment, capabilities, records and supplies needed to perform the essential functions during a disruption are identified. For complete guidance on how to conduct a business process analysis please see the Continuity Guidance Circular 2.

§  Hamilton County COOP Workshop Presentation: This presentation was utilized at the Hamilton County COOP Workshop on November 14, 2017. The Workshop gave an overview of COOP and explained how Hamilton County EMHSA can assist departments with their COOP efforts.


Additional information and more in-depth guidance about Continuity Planning can be obtained by visiting The Continuity of Operations Page on FEMA’s Website.