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  • [EMA] All Clear June 27, 2019
    Alert HC: All Clear- There is no current emergency in progress.

Internship Opportunities

The Hamilton County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency has an opening for a highly-motivated intern for the 2019 Fall Semester.  During this internship, students will work closely with our emergency management team on community preparedness projects, emergency planning, exercise design, and County mitigation strategies.

This internship, while unpaid, will grant students the opportunity to learn about the field of emergency management, and will equip them with invaluable knowledge and experience with County emergency preparedness and response actions.

In addition, interns will:

  • Work with an innovative team in the field of emergency management
  • Contribute to community projects
  • Get relevant experience for resume building
  • Develop confidence walking into an interview with numerous examples to use
  • Obtain a greater understanding of career possibilities and areas of interest
  • Gain marketability for employment opportunities after graduation

To apply, please complete and send an Internship Application along with a copy of a current resume, to

All materials are due by Friday, November 1, 2019.