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Where to Get Warm During Extreme Cold

January 28th, 2019 Emily Lakamp

With the weather expected to drop to dangerously cold temperatures this week, it is important for residents to be prepared and know where they can go to get out of the cold. If residents are in need of a place to warm up, they can consider visiting a restaurant, shopping mall, community center, or a local library.

Please be aware that all City of Cincinnati Recreation Centers will be opened as warming centers during normal business hours. Residents can find their nearest local recreation center here: For information about an open warming center in your community, please contact local municipal leaders, fire or police departments.

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County is also welcoming those who would like a place to warm up, and encourages residents to visit their local library branch during normal business hours. Residents can find their nearest library location and hours of operation by visiting:

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