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2021 Press Releases

January 2021 Siren Test

January 2021 Executive Committee Meeting Notice

February 2021 Siren Test

2021 Tornado Safe Room Rebate Notice

February 2021 Siren Error

March 2021 Siren Test

March 2021 Statewide Tornado Drill

FEMA COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Program

April 2021 Siren Test

May 2021 Siren Test

June 2021 Siren Test RESCHEDULED

2020 Press Releases

January 2020 Siren Test RESCHEDULED

January 8, 2020 Siren Test

February 2020 Siren Test

March 2020 Siren Test

March 19, 2020 Tornado Warning

Get COVID-19 Alerts

COVID-19 Donations Needed

COVID-19 Donations Still Being Accepted

April 2020 Siren Test

May 2020 Siren Test

May 13, 2020 Brief Siren Test

Hamilton County Distributes PPE to Essential Heroes in Over 300 Organizations

June 2020 Siren Test

COVID-19 Cases Increasing in Hamilton County

July 2020 Executive Committee Meeting Notice

July 2020 Siren Test

Siren System Upgrade Notice

August 2020 Siren Test

September 2020 Siren Test

October 2020 Siren Test

2020 Sam Adams Full Scale Exercise

November 2020 Siren Test

December 2020 Siren Test RESCHEDULED

December 9, 2020 Siren Test

2019 Press Releases

January 2020 Executive Committee Meeting Notice

December 2019 Siren Test

November 2019 Siren Test

2019 Regional Safety Summit Press Release

October 2019 Executive Committee Meeting Notice

October 2019 Siren Test

October 2019 LEPC Meeting Press Release

SBA Loans Available for Hamilton Co Small Businesses

September 2019- WEA and Siren Tests Today

Wireless Emergency Alert Test One Week Away

Hamilton County to Conduct WEA Test in September 2019

Keep Cool During Extreme Heat

July 2019 Executive Committee Meeting Notice

July 2019 LEPC Meeting

LEPC Exercise Sub Committee Meeting

LEPC Sub Committee Planning Meeting

Rescheduled June Siren Test

June 2019 Siren Test RESCHEDULED

After Tornado Steps to Help and Stay Safe

May 2019 Siren Test

April 2019 Executive Committee Meeting Notice

April 2019 Siren Test

April 2019 LEPC Meeting

March 2019 Siren Test

March 2019 Siren Test RESCHEDULED

February 2019 Siren Test CANCELLED

Ohio EMA Accepting Safe Room Applications

February 2019 Siren Test RESCHEDULED

Where to Get Warm During Extreme Cold

Tips Taxpayers Must Know if Impacted by February 2018 Flooding & Severe Storms

January 2019 Siren Test

2018 Press Releases

January 2019 LEPC Meeting

December 2018 Siren Test

November 2018 Ice Storm – Where to Get Warm During an Outage

November 2018 Siren Test

October 2018 Executive Committee Meeting

October 2018 Siren Test

2018 IPAWS National Test- October 3

October 2018 LEPC Meeting

2018 IPAWS National Test POSTPONED

2018 IPAWS National Test

Hurricane Florence Relief Efforts

September 2018 Siren Test

August 2018 Siren Test

July 2018 Executive Committee Meeting

July 2018 LEPC Meeting

Financial Assistance Available to Businesses Impacted by February Flood and Severe Storms

Shelter in Place Order CANCELLED

June 2018 Siren Test

FEMA Public Notice Regarding Reimbursement for February 2018 Flooding

May 2018 Siren Test

Trump Signs Major Disaster Declaration

April 2018 EMHSA Executive Committee Meeting

Emergency Management Seeks Public Input on Mitigation Plan

April 2018 Siren Test

Severe Weather Possible 4-3-2018

Alert Hamilton County Malfunction

April 2018 LEPC Meeting

March 2018 Siren Test

Flood Cleanup Kits Available for Affected Residents

American Red Cross Opens Shelter to Assist Hamilton County Residents Affected by Flooding

February 2018 Siren Maintenance Test

February 2018 Siren Test Rescheduled Due to Winter Weather

Ohio EMA Now Accepting Safe Room Applications

Hazard Mitigation Public Meeting Announcement

January 2018 Siren Test

Press Releases — 2017

January 2018 EMHSA Executive Committee Meeting

January 2018 LEPC Meeting

December 2017 Siren Test

2017 Regional Safety Summit

November 2017 Siren Test

October 2017 EMHSA Executive Committee Meeting

October 2017 Siren Test

October 2017 LEPC Meeting

Assistant Director McEwan Graduates Advanced Academy

2017 Partners in Preparedness Meeting

Help Support Hurricane Relief Efforts

Seeking Community Engagement to Enhance Disaster Preparedness

Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

Siren Maintenance 8-9

August 2017 Siren Test

July 2017 Siren Test

Flood Awareness Campaign

June 2017 Siren Test

May 2017 Siren Test

April 2017 Siren Test

March 20-26: No Siren Testing

February 2017 Siren Test

January 2017 Siren Test