Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

Hamilton County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency completed the  Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan for Hamilton County in 2013. This plan is required under the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA2K) and must be updated every five years. The 2013 version meets all requirements of DMA2K.

Click Here to review the Final version of the 2013 Hamilton County Mitigation Plan.

Hamilton County assets are at risk of damage due to flooding, heavy snow or ice, tornado or high winds, or other natural hazards. This plan provides a long-term approach to reducing the likelihood that a natural hazard will result in severe damage.

This plan updates the data upon which the assessment of risk and identification of vulnerabilities is based and presents updated strategies for making Hamilton County a safer and more sustainable community.

The Hamilton County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan represents the work of residents, business leaders, and elected and appointed government officials to develop a blueprint for protecting community assets, preserving the economic viability of the community, and saving lives. Endorsed by FEMA as being in compliance with regulations based on the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000, the plan will help the county to implement mitigation projects so that a natural hazard does not result in a natural disaster.

The hazard mitigation planning process consisted of gathering and analyzing data available from various sources, stakeholders and critical personnel for Hamilton County. The data identified the hazards most likely to result in costly damages are flooding, tornadoes and high winds, and heavy snow and ice.

The mitigation plan recommends a number of public education efforts, continued support for flood mitigation buy-outs and the examination and the potential modification of planning guidance and other development regulations to help ensure the risk of damage to new structures is minimized.  Many of these recommendations are highlighted in the Mitigation Action sections.

By officially adopting this updated plan by resolution,Hamilton County, incorporated jurisdictions and township government officials commit to working with citizens and business owners to make their communities safer.

This project was made possible through a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant provided by the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.