Smartphone Emergency Notifications

Your Phone Could Save Your Life!

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are based on your current location and will alert you anytime you are inside an “Extreme Weather Warning” area such as a Tornado Warning, Flash Flood Warning or Extreme Wind warnings. WEA’s also broadcast AMBER Alerts, Local Emergencies that require evacuation or immediate action and Presidential Alerts during a national emergency. Most modern smart phones have this installed and “ON”. Download this PDF link provided by for more information.




Multiple agencies, organizations, and local network TV stations have developed apps, websites, and text message/email notification services that can send local weather alerts to your handheld cellular device. Use your phone or check with your provider to see what apps are available for your cellular device.

Examples of helpful weather apps include:

  • Accuweather
  • The Weather Channel
  • American Red Cross
  • Weather Bug
  • Weather Underground

Local Media:

  • WXIX
  • WKRC
  • WLWT
  • WCPO