Training Program Policy

Course Registration:
For all courses that Hamilton County Emergency Management and Homeland Security (EMHSA) provides or coordinates through a training consortium, students must have a FEMA Student Identification Number (SID) prior to arrival for the course. Potential students must have also completed all course prerequisites as requested. To facilitate a fair “first come, first serve” enrollment basis , agencies will no longer be able to make “blanket registrations.” For example, an agency will not be permitted to request a certain amount slots without knowing who the attendees from their agency will be prior to registration. However, there is no capacity limit for an agency to submit for registration. If the requesting agency has all of the information for the attendees they wish to register, that agency will be permitted to submit as many registrations as they request.

Attendance Policy:
Hamilton County EMHSA expects students to arrive on time and attend all sessions or blocks of instruction for the course for which they are registered. Selective attendance and late arrival is a deterrent to individual learning and is a disruption to other students. Incomplete course attendance will result in an inability to receive a course certificate for hours actually attended. Hamilton County EMHSA may dismiss students from a course for late arrival or any absence from class. The Agency will not provide credit to students who do not attend a course in its entirety.

Registration Cancellation:
If you find that you cannot attend the course notify the Hamilton County EMHSA Training & Exercise Specialist no later than two weeks prior to the start of class. If two weeks’ notice is not possible, contact the training section as soon as you know that you cannot attend. Our goal is to ensure that all those wanting to attend training are afforded the opportunity and to let those individuals on the wait list fill available seats in a timely manner.

Student No Shows:
If a student misses two classes within one year, without notifying the Hamilton County EMHSA Training & Exercise Specialist prior to the course start date, they will not be permitted to register for courses for one year from the last missed class. For example if a student misses a course and fails to notify the Training & Exercise Specialist in April and another in August, they will not be permitted to register for another training until August of the next calendar year.

Student Conduct:
Hamilton County EMHSA expects students to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times while in class and the Agency expects them to dress appropriately. As a rule, dressing in business casual is appropriate. The Agency will dismiss students from the course that display nonprofessional appearance or engage in disruptive behavior. The Agency may ban those in violation of this policy from attendance at any future training courses that the Agency facilitates. The Hamilton County EHMSA Director reserves final discretion on such situations.


Meals, Per Diem, and all other travel expenses are the responsibility of the student or the parent organization.