2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan

Download Plan: 2016-2020 Strategic Plan

Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (EMHSA) Strategic Plan is a four-year guide spanning 2016 – 2020, that sets a course of continuous improvement and establishes the agency’s major programmatic, policy, and performance goals. It also provides the backbone for the agency’s annual work Plan that is monitored and tracked by each division, position and subject-matter area of the agency.

This document is intended to serve as a guide for the agency in both the short- and long-term. We recognize that the goals and objectives set forth in this document are lofty. However, we believe that we have a tremendous opportunity to make real changes in our approach to emergency management for Hamilton County.

The goals and objectives in this plan are based on requirements in Ohio law for emergency management programs (ORC 5502) as well as national standards and best practices required and recommended by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In addition, the program will be developed based on the standards in the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP), which is recognized by local, state and national emergency management organizations as the primary standard for the development and management of emergency management programs.

The strategic planning process was accomplished with participation and input from all EMHSA staff. This process also allowed the agency to define a solid Mission Statement and set of Values that will guide our daily approach to emergency management in Hamilton County.

Mission Statement

“Provide effective coordination and collaboration to create a culture of preparedness that builds and sustains a disaster resistant and resilient community in Hamilton County”


Our Values Guide Our Decisions and Actions


  •  To engage and empower our community partners through training, education, outreach, and inclusion in the emergency management process
  •  To cultivate strong engagement and build trust with all stakeholders and community partners in Hamilton County
  •  To strive to understand all communities and cultures within Hamilton County


  •  To be a forerunner in the industry of emergency management and drive the field of emergency management forward
  •  To influence and guide all entities of Hamilton County during all phases of emergency management


  •  To be transparent in our workings with all partners and community members
  •  To hold ourselves and each other accountable to the highest standard of ethical behavior and organizational excellence in all that we do
  •  To be responsible fiscal stewards with our available resources


  •  To be the epicenter of emergency management expertise for the community
  •  To embrace the mindset of involving all partners from all levels of government and across every sector and discipline throughout the entire emergency management process
  •  To work as a cohesive unit by combining the talents, knowledge, and ingenuity of each team member


  •  To appear, speak, and interact with others in a professional manner
  •  To invest in a skilled workforce through constant training and professional development


  •  To be proactive in seeking opportunities to move the field of emergency management forward
  •  To always look for new and better ways to improve upon the services we offer to Hamilton County ensuring that we are providing the highest quality services