2021-2023 Training and Exercise Plan

Hamilton County has a focused perspective for trainings and exercises which was, and will continue to be, developed through stakeholder discussions at the annual Training and Exercise Planning Workshop (TEPW). The Hamilton County Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan (MYTEP) is built upon a set of ten program priorities, which consist of areas of improvement identified after real world events and after action reports from pre-planned exercises. By planning and scheduling specific trainings and exercises, the goal of the MYTEP is to provide structure for the strengthening and accomplishment of the program priorities.

The Hamilton County MYTEP is a living document that will be updated and refined annually. Included in the MYTEP are the training and exercises that are scheduled and proposed in Hamilton County for the years 2021-2023.

2021-2023 Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan – October 2020

Training & Exercise Planning Workshop

Hamilton County EMHSA updates the MYTEP with the help of stakeholders and community partners annually to review program priorities and ensure that training & exercises in the coming year still address the needs of the community. The details of the 2021 TEPW have not yet been finalized.