Responsible Restart Ohio

What You Need to Know about Ohio’s Reopening

Ohio is scheduled to begin reopening sectors of the economy on Friday, May 1st. As we get excited to start returning to work, we must approach this reopening with a “dimmer switch” mentality- remembering that we must take precautions and continue healthy behaviors. This slow & steady approach, will help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Here are some things you should know as we prepare for Ohio’s Reopening:

  1. It is still recommended to stay home as much as possible.
  2. If possible, continue working from home.
  3. Monitor symptoms daily. If you feel sick or develop COVID-19 symptoms stay home & separate yourself from others in your home.
  4. If you must go out, maintain a 6 foot distance from others. Consider wearing a face covering in areas where it is challenging to maintain proper social distancing.
  5. Evaluate your risk before entering a store or business. If conditions look unsafe, or if the business is crowded, leave and return at a later date. Avoid busy shopping times and continue to use online pickup and delivery services.

Sector Specific Opening Dates

May 1: Restart of all medically necessary procedures that do not require an overnight stay or inpatient hospital admission. This includes regular doctor visits, well-care checks, well-baby visits, out-patient surgeries, imaging procedures, and diagnostic tests. Dental services and veterinary services may also proceed if a safe environment can be established.

May 4: Manufacturing, distribution, and construction businesses may reopen if these businesses can meet mandatory safety requirements for customers and employees. General office environments may also reopen with proper safety requirements in place. 

May 12: Consumer, retail and services, may reopen if these businesses can meet mandatory safety requirements for customers and employees. 

May 15: Personal services including: hair salons, day spas, nail salons, barber shops, tanning facilities, tattoo parlors, body piercing locations, and massage therapy locations may reopen.

May 21: Inside Dining/Bars may reopen.

May 21: Campgrounds may reopen

May 26: Gyms may reopen

May 31: Childcare providers may reopen

Click here to learn more about Ohio’s plan to responsibly restart the economy and protect the health of employees, customers & their families.

View Hamilton County Public Health’s Business Guidance