Siren Adoption Program- Adopt a Siren

About the Program

The Adopt-A-Siren program is focused on bringing public awareness to our residents and assistance in more accurate monitoring of our neighborhood sirens.

By adopting an Outdoor Warning Siren, you are helping your neighbors and our community to be safer throughout the year against severe weather events. It is our goal to have two volunteers for each of our approximately 190 Outdoor Warning Sirens across the county.  Volunteers need to be able to safely observe the siren during the monthly tests.  When a siren is activated, on the first Wednesday of every month, unless otherwise notified, it will sound for approximately one minute, and will rotate 360 degrees until the test is over.

For a siren to be considered successfully activated, volunteers assigned to the Outdoor Warning Sirens will report on two actions: the siren must sound for one minute and must rotate 360 degrees.

Once your observations are completed, you will report your findings to EMHSA via computer or smart phone. After logging in to the online portal, you will be directed to click “Yes” or “No,” pertaining to the siren activation.

If you are interested in adopting a siren close to you, please fill out the registration form.

For more information, please contact the Hamilton County Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency.

T-128 ASC

   The two sirens pictured here are active in Hamilton County.

The yellow siren pictured below is obsolete and should not be functioning. If you observe an active siren, please report the location to Hamilton County EMHSA. They are not part of our active siren operations.