State of Emergency

In response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners has declared on March 12, 2020 that a State of Emergency exists in Hamilton County. By declaring a State of Emergency, county government hereby invokes and declares that pursuant to section 5502.21 of the Revised Code, an emergency exists related to COVID-19 that requires actions to be taken to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Hamilton County.

What Does this Mean?

This State of Emergency Declaration activates the response and recovery internal aspects of any and all local and inter-jurisdictional disaster emergency plans which are applicable to Hamilton County, Ohio, and initiates the rendering of aid and assistance thereunder as needed. In order to coordinate response efforts, Hamilton County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency has activated the Hamilton County Emergency Operations Center for the duration of the emergency.

What Does this Mean to Me? What Should I Do?

The public is urged to prepare for the potential impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and have a plan to stay informed.

Now is the time to prepare, not panic. Stock supplies that you & your family will need if you must stay home and have a plan to stay informed. Start discussing with your employer the steps necessary if you must work from home & consider potential childcare needs if schools or daycare providers close. 

In addition to practicing regular healthy habits to limit the spread of germs, the public can now sign up to get alerts and tips from Hamilton County officials regarding COVID-19. Alerts are available via text message, e-mail, and voice call through the Alert Hamilton County system.

To sign up for COVID-19 alerts, please visit the Alert Hamilton County (Alert HC) website: If you already have an Alert HC/Smart911 account, log in to your existing account and select “COVID-19 Alerts” at the bottom of the opt-in alert list. If you have not yet signed up for Alert HC, create a Smart911 Safety Profile and select “COVID-19 Alerts” at the bottom of the opt-in alert list.

For more COVID-19 information, visit the Hamilton County Public Health website: